About Us

In the mid 1950’s, when Lawrence Weston was being developed after the second world war, Shirehampton Baptist Church and Tyndale Baptist Church on Whiteladies Road felt called by God to build a church on the present site.  Initially funds only permitted the erection of a temporary, largely wooden, building and this was completed in 1957.  It was apparently guaranteed by the builders for 15 years, who indicated that with good fortune it could last for 20 !

This is the same building which some 50 years later has stood the test of time, and while it remains a Baptist Church it has developed into a community building with currently some 200 plus individuals using the premises each week.

The name of the building was changed to Hope Café & Church in 2018 to more accurately reflect the use to which our premises are now put, whilst remaining a Baptist Church at heart.